Editions. Confessions of a Mask . Yukio Mishima He must wear a false mask and hide his true nature, whatever the cost. ‘A terrific and. Confessions Of A Mask. Fiction by Yukio Mishima. Confessions of a Mask tells the story of Kochan, an adolescent boy tormented by his. This autobiographical novel, regarded as Mishima’s finest book, is the haunting story of a Japanese boy’s development toward a homosexual identity during and .

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Confessions of a Mask reflects Mishima’s own coming of age in post-war Japan. When he was about 12 years old, and a certain ‘toy’ made its wishes known to him.

As he gets older, he doesn’t yet realize that he’s different from other boys, except in that he’s small and thin and gets sick a lot more often. One of the things that I found difficult about this book – confesions Kinkakuji – was how very introspective it was.

I know how Mishima ended his days as well as I know how long ykkio brain’s been telling me to end my own. In his mind he invents “a murder theatre” in one scenario, a student is violently murdered, put on a table at a banquet, and then “I thrust the fork upright into the heart. Truly an impressive work of literature. What I wanted was some natural, spontaneous suicide.

Mishima’s attempt at portrayal of homosexuality gives only mix tesults. Those, the user will come to realize sooner or later, can be worn for a limited period of time. He’s afraid of having to join the adult world where he feels unbalanced in unspoken rules everybody else can hear like a dog whistle for trained doggies.

At the height of his fame and vitality, he committed suicide by ceremonial seppuku after a failed coup d’etat. Suddenly it burst forth, bringing with it a blinding intoxication. Someone’s “good” isn’t always shits confessionz giggles. He is able to pinpoint details, causes, subconscious symbols with the accuracy of a professional psycho-analyst.

Of course, the same goes for the setting in Japan and even more so for the WWII, but European productions in the vein of sodomy and its artistic insinuations are running around enough that even passport-less me can run across the section on St.


The naked flesh bled to the wraith of arrows and while tranquility festooned youthful fragrance, the insect stirred a storm that thundered as cloudy-white patches filled the empty spaces. I was twelve years old. Confessions of a Mask takes us to some dark places.

By composing his supposed confessions, Mishima was completely the producer, playwright, director and actor of his own social ‘norms’, free to judge himself, and perform to the beat of his own damask drum. Until then I had mistakenly thought I was only poetically attracted to such things, thus confusing the nature of my sensual desires with a system of esthetics. Instead, two lone arrows cast their tranquil and graceful shadows upon the confedsions of his skin, like the shadows of a bough falling upon a marble stairway.

The nearly sixty years in difference between then and now may have something to do with it, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in academia, it’s that the universe would rather mwsk one cry than cater to any sort of linearity. And his attempts to become “normal” end with nothing by emptiness and sorrow. Buy the selected items together This item: I think it is greatly confessios, as art and as a human document to his deservedly praised novel, The Sound of Waves.

Such writing has a palpable hallucinatory and disorienting effect on the reader, which makes the journey into another’s subjectivity as wild and perplexing as one might expect. He appears to be very analytical, even from his earliest days. I was fed up with myself and all for my chastity was ruining my body. Please try again later. So while I cohfessions vaguely curious how his Japanese readership reacted to knowing which gender he turned his affections to, I’m even more so when it comes to what in essence amounts nishima his sadomasochism and worship of death.

Confessions of a Mask

Being the nigh agonizingly frank reveal of self that it is, Yukio Mishima’s Confessions of a Mask published in while its author was still in his early twenties has ever since garnered a reputation for being the quintessential ‘coming out’ novel, serving as an inspiration to homosexuals miahima up in socially conservative societies everywhere.

He begins to notice his growing attraction to some of the boys in his class, particularly the pubescent body of his friend Omi.


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Back cover copy This book is one of the classics of modern Japanese fiction. As ,ishima gay man living during a different era under very different societal pressures, Mishima came out of the gate with a whipcrack in Mask. Some have argued that the admiration of masculinity is autobiographical of Mishima, himself having mmishima hard through a naturally weak body to become a superbly fit body builder and male model. New Directions; 3rd Printing edition January 17, Language: Mishima’s protagonist discovers that he is becoming a homosexual in polite, post-war Japan.

With that desire, he was vonfessions to relish in the act of courting a woman, yet all done from the viewpoint of someone observing himself.

The perfect male physique pared with the gashes and wounds of the arrows i It is crazy to think that next year we will be celebrating Confessions of a Mask ‘s 70th birthday. Description Confessions of a Mask tells the story of Kochan, an adolescent boy tormented by his burgeoning attraction to men: A homosexual in Japan may not be as willing to kick down the closet door as his or her American counterparts, but the abject horror of being utterly rejected by society is probably much less than it was.

The nature of its tastes had become bound up, not only with my childhood memories, but, one after another, with such things as the naked bodies of young men seen on a summer’s seashore, the swimming teams seen at Meiji Pool, the swarthy young man a cousin of mine married, and the valiant heroes of many an adventure story.

Confessions of a Mask – Wikipedia

Why demean yuiio animals when we bestow the same courtesy to our fellow members? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? View all 10 comments. Also disturbing is the supreme titillation Mishima found in the convergence of male youths, torture and death by all manner of gruesome ways. Listen, now I’ll tell you what it says Intresting because I don’t always find the author agreeable.