Abebe Bikila was born in in the North Showa region of Ethiopia, in a village called Jato. He grew up in a typical village setting. He received some church. Abebe Bikila was a prominent Olympic marathon champion from Ethiopia. This biography of Abebe Bikila provides detailed information about. Abebe Bikila was born on August 7, in Jato, Ethiopia. He was married to Yewibdar Giorghis. He died on October 25, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Evert Nyberg SWE A second Olympics gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

Retrieved October 3, Abebe Bikila the Legend. Retrieved April 1, Question, Comment, Feedback or Correction? Estimated by the police over a million spectators lined up in the streets cheered him at every step of the way.

This program gave him a chance to develop his natural talent for sport. I have to accept both circumstances as facts of life and live happily.

Abebe Bikila Bio, Stats, and Results | Olympics at

abehe Retrieved Bikils 26, Retrieved January 19, Khalid Khannouchi USA He was a pioneer in long-distance running. Retrieved February 2, John Farrington AUS There is none like Abebe I had ever seen.


A barefooted Bikila won the Olympic marathon in 2 hours, 15 minutes and He was treated for eight months at the Stoke Mandeville hospital bkila England before he returned. Biogra;hyhe was invited to the Munich Olympic Games as a special guest.

Sergey Popov of Russia, who was the world record holder, Abdesselem Rhadi of Morocco, who won the international race that same year and another notable, Barry Maggee, of New Zealand were among the participants and the favorites to win the race. His competitive sprits never diminished. Abebe Bikila died In October 20 at the age of As the pain became unbearable, he decided to leave the competition.

Thank you for your feedback. Marnix Goegebeur BEL Later on as a symbol of unity the armed forces established a yearly sport competition event, which was designed to reunite the three forces, The Army, The Air Force and The Navy in shared activities.

Abebe Bikila

Endeshaw Bikilla ETH Paavo Kotila FIN — Charles Heirendt LUX Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese football soccer forward who was one of the greatest players of his generation. The distance between the two front runners gradually grew.


Nevertheless, he won a second gold medal, running the marathon—this time wearing shoes—in 2 hours 12 minutes Abebe Bikila, the son of a shepherd, did not begin running until he was 24 years old. Mexico City situated at a similar altitude to Addis Ababa. The Tokyo Games were the 15th occurrence of the modern Olympic Games. Archived from the original on January 18, This time running with shoes, Abebe stayed close in the front lead. Sammy Lelei KEN Abebe was made by Abebe, not by me or anyone.

At the Summer Olympics in TokyoAbebe became the first athlete to successfully defend an Olympic marathon title, breaking his own world record in the process. Showing all 14 items. Many were certain that Abebe would win a gold medal. SeoulSouth Korea. He lived bikils a few more years, dying in October According to judge Ronald Leighton” The New York Times. Mexico CityMexico.