We are a team of former senior Gartner analysts who’ve written and reviewed hundreds of Magic Quadrants such as the E-Discovery Software. Find the best eDiscovery software for your company. execute in the Leaders quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software. Magic Quadrant for EDiscovery Software 18 May ID:G Analyst(s): Jie Zhang, Garth Landers.

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Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software

The companies which appear in it have met stringent requirements to feature at all, and none is to be ignored when considering your own requirements. Understand the continuous evolution of the B2B buying journey Learn more.

Your instinct may be to back the potential acquirers but apart from the difficulty of accurate prediction in this regard those who aim to be acquired will need a strong base of repeat clients to attract the best price, and that may work through in good deals and strong support. Article Effortless Experience Explained Read article. Purchase this Document Price: Gartner makes adverse reference to the ability of some of the players, particularly the big ones, to get their marketing messages right across all their products and services.

Not everybody will want to buy a cradle-to-grave solution from a monolithic supplier. If you are responsible for any aspect of information management, including legal and compliance matters, read the section headed Likely Future Market Directions on page 5 and in particular this:. In its first Magic Quadrant for e-Discovery Software report, Gartner apprises us of the challenges, trends sovtware prospects for the e-Discovery industry.

Gartner Releases First Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Industry

Generally speaking, each qualifying vendor was evaluated for a plethora of offerings. The source of the friction here is twofold. Become a Client Log in Become a client. Having pointed you to it, I do not feel the need to mention everyone who appears in it, sticking with those which illustrate some point beyond their bare appearance there.

Unlike challengers, visionaries often introduce new technology, services and business models, but they may need to improve their financial strength, service and support and build sales and distribution channels. Nuix has just been the recipient of a large investment which has consolidated shareholdings and is expressly targeted at growth. Tags e-discoveryedrm processend-to-end edrmenterprise cmsgartnerinformation managementmagic quadrant.


Deciphering market trends is the job of analysts; journalists can react quickly to news; the clammy dead hand of the industry press release, with its boilerplate verbiage and breathless hyperbole, can find its way round the world in minutes without any help from me; earnest lawyers can deal with properly foot-noted and referenced reports of cases.

If aligned correctly, it will help streamline the decision process. As well, vendors must also address at least one of three broad functional areas, relating to the EDRM, that Gartner chose to reflect the overlapping wants and needs of e-Discovery users, including left and right sides of the EDRM model, and information management.

The next round of the process of consolidation referred to in the report is already on its way — a whole page is devoted to listing recent ones. You also agree that HPE may contact you regarding this inquiry. Compliance Insights Compliance Program Management. Tens of thousands of words have been written about these things, any one of which would be significant in any month, let alone all of them together.

Become a Client Call us now at: Notify me of new comments via email. Our global reach allows fast response when and where an e-discovery event occurs, complete with on-premise or on-demand access to Ringtail, and complementary services and consulting, including:.

Data rates may apply.

The Quadrant itself is designed, in theory at least, to diminish the appearance of a ranking. The young thrusters amongst them may appeal to some buyers more than the established giants and if your requirement is a niche one then a niche player may be just what you need; the biggest players offer potentially more touch-points within some organisations.

We provide articles, research and events for sophisticated professionals driving digital customer experience strategy, evolving the digital workplace and creating intelligent information management practices. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact.


What do they mean for the lawyer, whether in-house or external, who has responsibility for managing electronic disclosure? If it does not, then someone else will fill that space. Companies listed as challengers include: HP eDiscovery helps minimize risk and ensure compliance through a variety of deployment models including cloud and self-service.

Conference ReimagineHR Learn more. By continuing to use this site, or closing this box, you consent to our use of cookies.

Why FTI Technology?

Because it is the first of its kind to address and evaluate e-Discovery, it may not be entirely clear how this report can affect the marketplace. Challengers, Leaders, Visionaries and Niche Players. The need for a light-on-its-feet niche player whose role begins when the litigation starts or the regulator arrives can only be enhanced by the disappearance of rivals who are swallowed up by the archiving giants.

Read this report to learn why HP continues to be an eDiscovery leader. My Twitter list continues to be full of Iron Mountain articles about ediscovery and, whilst the sale takes them out of the software market, the strong services division could remain a strong player. An increase in civil litigation, criminal prosecutions and regulatory oversight; and the need for associated communications to be preserved for discovery.

It can be downloaded from, for example, the Nuix and Clearwell web sites, and the primary graphic, the Quadrant itself, appears below. Procurement staff, for their part, are struggling to understand the pricing, service and support models historically used by legal service providers. Probably not, but it is worth gathering some of the threads together, using the Gartner Magic Quadrant as a background source. Even when outside counsel is not involved, legal departments still want to avoid involvement with enterprise IT departments or to form their own IT departments…….

Do you trust them to be there when the deadlines loom? FTI Technology helps clients meet any e-discovery challenge with confidence.