A Simple Tutorial to Get New Users up to Speed in modo. If not, it is recommended users read up on the interface page of the documentation to get an. Explore Tanita Datsenko’s board “Luxology Modo 3D” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models. It makes a lot of use of Pixar subdivision which is only available in Modo or later. Find this Pin and more on. An official video tutorials by Luxology where James Darknell xplains how to add dynamics in MODO to a car model, creating a hinge with a motor and.

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Modo offers modeling, sculpting, texturing, painting and photorealistic rendering in one cohesive, easy-to-use content creation package, with unlimited network rendering capabilities included.

10 best Luxology Modo 3D images on Pinterest | Modeling, 3d tutorial and Models

First we’ll need to make the selection for our outer surface to apply the slice to, so again select two adjoining polygon faces, this time on the side of the mug and press ‘L’ to select the loop. Whether you’re looking for the free Substance Designer kit or an advanced V-Ray plug-in, we’re got you covered. The mug in the photo has nice rounded edges, unlike this model so far, so we need to round them using the ‘Edge Bevel’ function.

The ‘Model Quad’ viewport may be comfortable for some users, but the ‘Model’ viewport offers a much larger view of the scene, and when combined with the ‘Work Plane’ and ‘Action Centers’ which we will cover aheadcan be every bit as accurate.

Nevertheless, Modo is an amazing programme. This is a case where it hutorials be easier to simply assign the value in the Tool Properties viewport tutoriasl of dragging the tutlrials handles. I’ve created this cup firstly, while I was reading the tut, and then in the bradn new file and without reading I created this in about 3 minutes.

It is called a lasso or marquee selection, where users draw a shape on the screen and all geometry that is contained entirely within the drawn area will be selected. This will be the most complex task of modeling the mug, but it shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

The ‘Polygon Bevel’ tool is found in the ‘Polygons’ subtab of the toolbox. It takes about one minute to model that cup in Solidworks, and I’ve spent 3 hours trying to figure out while the supposed simple function of scale just does not work?

modo Inline Help System

You might be wondering why the inset of the bevel wasn’t used and instead replaced with a ‘Scale’. You are so close to the software you can’t always see the forrest. I had the tutogials problem. Here’s an image of the coffee mug we’ll be modeling.


Well, I can’t see any problem with the tutorial – on the contrary, I wish all the tutorials were so straighforward and mkdo. Now to make the selection. In order to know what particular element is being selected, modo has a function called pre-highlighting; when the mouse hovers over a particular element, its color will change indicating it is a selectable element.

This Tutorial is one of the easiest tutorials I’ve read.

I want to add to the selection here, and modo offers some shortcuts for doing just that. As an additional note, you may also want to pay particular attention to the orientation of these axes when modeling, as it will allow you to better follow the tutorial when a specific axis is referenced.

Haus70 October 2, at 9: Might be a typo in the text: The indirect part is the current Polygon selection defines the selection we want with its bordertherefore we need to convert the polygons selection to the type we want. This centers the action origin at the tool handles location and keeps the axis alignment upright.

It runed out facetted. Users can add and subtract polygons from a selection easily by holding the ‘Shift’ and omdo keys on the keyboard respectively, while making selection edits.

This will draw a single slice halfway up the side of the mug, we actually want 8 slices, so in the tool properties panel, enter ‘8’ into the ‘Count’ input field. Assign a name to the turorials, adjust the color to taste and press ‘OK’.

We’ll also use another modo selection shortcut to make quick work of this edit.

Thus far, we’re gone over the Work Plane and its use, tool handles, some keyboard shortcuts, making selections, converting selections as well as the application of some pretty useful tools. Along the way, I’ll be explaining essential concepts as they become important. It is like butter on the fingers. There’s lots of incredibly helpful users there that answer questions very quickly.

And I am NOT an easily impressed person – I’ve been working for years with other 3D modelling programs on a professional level and I must say – modo rules!!! Once done, save your model. First, select the new bridged polygons of the handle using the Lasso selection method. Introducing Modo 12 Series The Modo 12 Series delivers enhanced model-bashing tools and workflows, a VR viewport embedded in the UI, iterative design workflows, and improved animation capabilities.

We notice you are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer.

Since the Bevel specifies the inset as a measurement, it was easier to keep the inside consistent to the outer rim by giving it the same scale value. We want to select the entire loop, so once the initial selection is made, pressing ‘L’ again will select the connected faces in the loop, just like it did for the edges; the difference being that two polygons needed to tell modo which direction to run the loop.


If not, try one of the other views, such as ‘Left’ or ‘Right’. What you have to do is read and work through the exercise lin by line and make sure it works before you publish it. But for this to work, the polygon groups need to be facing somewhat toward each other otherwise modo has no idea how to connect them.

Press that key and the Scale tool handles should appear in the center of the selected ring of edges shown below here. Now to apply the Bridge. We want to select the entire bottom edge of the cylinder, modo has shortcuts to simplify these kinds of actions. The Bridge tool works by connecting groups of polygons, so the lower group will connect with the upper group. Discover why leading artists choose Modo for creating real-time content in games and VR, iterating on product design concepts, and bringing bold ideas to life.

Building something as large and complex as the documentation system for a program as large and complex as modo is a huge undertaking for one person, errors are sure to squeak through here and there. It sounds like you might have accidentally added an additional edge, but that’s pure conjecture without seeing an image of your result.

If so it could be the polygons would be so small as to be in invisible, this would then trip up further actions, such as beveling. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, Modo lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Beginner Tutorial

In modo there are implied selection, they are all covered in the modeling section of this documentation, but the most important one is tutofials when no polygons or any geometry components for ttorials matter are selected, then they are all considered selected, so any operation applied, applies to everything, hence why having no polygons selected when assigning the material applies to all the geometry.

The ‘Soft Move’ tool requires two actions before it will deform the model properly. It may also be extremely helpful for users to go over the User Interface Conventions page for a better idea on how users are expected to interact with modo.