Read a free sample or buy Jony Ive by Leander Kahney. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Jony Ive is more important to Apple than Steve Jobs was and the company Leander Kahney, author of Jony Ive – The Genius Behind Apple’s. Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney, Portfolio, RRP£/$, pages. It isn’t hard to argue the.

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Five top tech books for the holiday period.

It’s not a patch on Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs of course, but that was always likely to be the case. Perhaps he want dot know more about Apple than Ive and that would always place sources on the defensive.

Despite that some of the stories are well explored – the use of ONLY polished aluminium screws on a casing, the culturally inclusive design process, the many prototypes of the ivd home button, the relationship of the Helvetica Nueu font with retina display and the move away from skeumorphism in iOs7. And while Kahney certainly acknowledges leeander benefit provided by others jont have written about Apple, it still feels like he should minimally cite this recycled content, particularly given that an audience interested in Apple may likely have already read some of those works such as the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson.

It was a quick read and I finished it leznder a few days, but in kahnwy end I found it kind of light, like a sports hero book for a young adult audience. The iPod, the iPhone and the iPad are the defining products of our age. Or Dieter Rams, the German designer whose products for Braun defined the company and are among the most beautiful products of the 20th century and whose designs profoundly influenced Ive, even down to the rounded corners.


What makes Apple unique and how did it come to place Industrial Design at the core of it all? Great look into the priorities and mindset that makes Apple products different, and the man behind the magic. But it read almost like a commercial for Apple. By the end of the book, the reader should come away feeling as if they better understand and appreciation the star of the book. After the success of apple 2, Jobs wanted to do something different.

Aug 30, Kelly rated it really liked it. Trivia About Jony Ive: Jan 06, Tim F rated it really liked it Shelves: That is a very comfortable space to compete in because you can say eight is better than six. Well they would be wrong, since Steve did control most parts of the company, theres a reason Apple is still putting out great designed products with Steve long departed from the world.

What else, after all, is Apple, besides design?

Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney | Financial Times

I am hard pressed to think of anyone whom I would recommend read this book over any number of freely available articles leajder interviews online.

The amount of research and number of pages on the guy on whom the book is based on defined the book ‘Jobs’ and which in turn defined what a biography should be. Enjoy kaheny closer look into some of the secrets of Apple’s design practices and how Johny Ive made it to the top. Oct 04, Arnold Saputra rated it really liked it.

An interesting book covering the life of Jony Ive and the design issues at Apple during Ive’s employment. At one leandef Jobs said hate and disgust the idea but, at another bigger meeting Jobs used the idea and claim it his idea.


The amount of information included in the book regarding Apple and its product development process surprised me considering how much of a secretive organization Apple is. Save yourself the time, money, and headache kahnry read something else. What are their tales and how do these intersect with the title individual?

Jony Ive is an amazing designer and very interesting to read about. Perhaps the book would have been better titled Apple Design: Jony was very much into design as a passion rather than a job.

Jony Ive, book review: Some genesis, but few revelations

jiny It was interesting and there’s some cool stories. It has to be. I lived through many of the product and organisational issues that confronted Apple during the mid 90’s through to Jobs’ return and culminating in a personal meeting with Steve, Jon Rubenstein, Avi Tevannian and Phil Schiller on the 4th floor of Infinite Loop that led to my decision to leave the kwhney.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Having been a long time Apple user since it was great to see some of the underlying thought processes involved in the design of Apple products. Jony Ive, An English man who proved his masterpiece in almost every apple product. I read this book on a Kindle Paperwhite, but I’ve seen numerous instances in other publications for Kindle where this has been done.

Too bad the biography is all based off of anecdotal information and a few sources, but it’s the closest thing we have describing how Apple comes up with their products.