Excerpt from Watermark. I always adhered to the idea that God is time, or at least that His spirit is. Perhaps this idea was even of my own manufacture, but now I. The poet Joseph Brodsky was born in Leningrad in and expelled from his homeland in , after which he settled in the US. Perhaps it. Brodsky, a survivor of the Gulag, went to Venice in search of love. He returned every winter for 17 years.

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The piece was long, and now she felt somewhat worried, because she was approaching a passage where she had to turn the page without interrupting her play.

Rightly so, I would add, given his prospects. One way to get rich, I thought, would be to start manufacturing miniature flashbulbs like those they mount on cameras, but of great duration. It must be said that she took it like a mensch. Fittingly then, my romance with this citywith this city in this particular seasonstarted long ago: The only difference is that it doesn’t sever itself from the body but subordinates it totally. I take heat very poorly; the unmitigated emissions of hydrocarbons and armpits still worse.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise | Travel | Smithsonian

Presumably watedmark the element here had heard Italian. For leaving is a banishment of the eye to the provinces of the other senses; at best, to the crevices and crevasses of the brain. Having failed to be born here, you at least can take some pride in sharing its invisibility. You fling the window open and the room is instantly flooded with this outer, peal-laden haze, which is part damp jkseph, part coffee and prayers.


Brodsky is a great poet, so when he sets to work to employ an image, he does it the right way. It was a mine of heavy porphyry in a state of abandonment, in a state of perpetual evening, with oils obscuring its eatermark the silence here was truly geological. Seventeen years ago, wading aimlessly through one [campo] after another, a pair of green rubber boots brought me to the threshold of a smallish pink edifice.

Watermark: Joseph Brodsky: : Books

I was smitten by a feeling of utter happiness: I liked the hush in her voice, though it fit the night more than the message, and replied in the same conspiratorial tones that it’s always a pleasure to meet potential relatives. In part, of course, this is so because in winter one needs more clothes just to stay warm, not to mention the atavistic urge to shed one’s pelt.

There is nothing populist, let alone anti-aristocratic, to this preference; nor is there anything of the novelist. In a manner of speaking, everybody is related to everybody, the pursuer to the pursued, at least.

Alas, the movie wasn’t much to speak of; besides, I never liked the novel much either. One’s guilty conscience would be enough to identify oneself with any of these marble, bronze, or plaster concoctionswith the dragon, to say the least, rather than with San Giorgio. Buy the selected items together This item: In my line of work, though, ever since the Romantics, human fault has appeared to be a likelier culprit when it comes to disaster than any [forza del destino].


He is buried there. Our breath was perhaps too great an intimacy also; still, it was better than fresh oxygen, which, like history, the drapes didn’t need. Science Age of Humans. And secondly, this city doesn’t qualify to be a museum, being itself a work of art, the greatest masterpiece our species produced. The grip of boredom was sudden but sure.

The whole thing felt like the Flight to Egypt, with her playing both the woman and the child, and me my namesake and the donkey; after all, it was January. Each room meant your further disappearance, the next degree of your nonexistence.

I take heat very poorly; the unmitigated emissions of hydrocarbons and armpits still worse. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

The City Nobel Laureate Joseph Brodsky Called Paradise

Then I hit the sack. Therefore, the company I kept was that of English-speaking natives and expatriate Americans whose houses shared a familiar versionif not degreeof affluence. For beauty is where the eye rests. Besides, she was a Veneziana.