Download Citation on ResearchGate | Jahangir and the Jesuits: With an account of the Benedict goes and the mission to Pegu | First published in Jahangir and the Jesuits: with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu / from the Relations of Father Fernão Guerreiro ; translated by. Jahangir and the Jesuits, with an account of the travels of Benedict Goes and the mission to Pegu, from the Relations of Father Fernāo Guerreiro, S. J.

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The King at once granted this requeSt, being influenced to a large extent by the presents which the ambassador brought him. If we were to see anyone raise the dead as easily as did Jesus Chrift, there is no doubt that we should call him a god. It amused him to liSten to disputes between his Mullas and the Fathers, juSt as it amused him to watch a fencing match or a cock-fight. When the Fathers went to take leave of him, he begged them to commend him to God.

After being twice forced by ftorms to return to India, he managed to get as far as Tarapor 10 some twenty-three leagues from Goa, where he entered the river to await more favourable weather. To this we reply that whatever it may have been that gave rise to this ftory, jahwngir was not the real moon, which could not dislodge itself and fall from the heavens, but that it was a delusion and a trick by means of which Mafamede sought to impose on the world.

He would have done better had he publicly acknowledged his conversion. At Lahor they lived like good Christians in the house of the Fathers ; but they were again recognised by someone belonging to the Moor; so the Fathers concealed them in the house of a certain Portuguese Christian, until the time should arrive for them to depart.

He came on an elephant, which he Slopped as the procession approached, and watched the whole com- pany file paSl him, marvelling to see the good order which the ChriSlians kept, and the multitude of lights which they carried.


As Father Ricci’s letters are almoSt unknown in this country, I hope the reader will regard the quota- tions I have made from them as an interesting feature of my notes.

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As the Fathers were not allowed to enter the prison themselves, they sent one of their servants to minister to the brave Armenian. The same evening the Fathers, ignorant of what had taken place, went to see them.

Having dis- guised a number of foot-soldiers as messengers, he bade them go and mingle with the troops of the Prince, and spread the report that the King had crossed the river, and was rapidly approaching with a great army.

On learning the cause of his sifter’s lamenta- tions, he persuaded his mother to allow the sick child to be made a Christian. They had left London in March of the year 1 with two ships, 18 and a crazy pinnace which they fitted out in the bay of Saldanha [Table Bay], where they wintered.

He showed them fifteen boars and a number of deer which he had slain uesuits day, and told them that they might take as much meat as they pleased. Stevens appeared in The Father replied that he could not allow the picture to go out of his keeping; but that his Lordship could come and see it as often as he wished.

Jahangir And The Jesuits

Guerreiro’s authority was Father Xavier’s letter to the Provincial at Goa, dated 25th September, Ana and Susana and many other Saints. There are verandahs, and fine upper rooms for winter use, and lower ones for the summer. Unlike his father, Jahangir had no feeling for religion.

They had been in great peril from the Gentiles, who had threatened to destroy them as soon as the Prince entered the gates. A History of County Wexford.

I have, therefore, been able to amplify, and occasionally to elucidate, Guerreiro’s narrative. Again, if the angels, whose natures are perfeft, and who are endowed with so many natural and supernatural gifts, are not without sin, how much less were the prophets without sin, who were but men.

It came about in this manner. After the procession was over, they were heard to say amongSl themselves: This caused much discon- tent, especially amongft the traders, both Moors and Gentiles, and even amongst the Portuguese.

And though the fruit the Fathers so earnestly desire to gather has not yet matured, anr daily gives them new grounds for hoping that the good Jesus and his moSt holy Mother will look with compassion upon him, and beStow on him that which he lacks.


Indeed, he was so frequently in conversation with the Father that one of his relations, who was the chief of the King’s nobles, rebuked him, saying, ” Why do you, who scarcely know your A. The passages which make up the text account are taken from Part IV fols. He now began to jahaangir huge sums in alms amongSt the poor of his faith; indeed, it is generally believed that at this time he gave away more than a hundred thousand crusados.

His tattered cabala, and the marks of the Stripes on his flesh, gave him comeliness in the sight of God, and in the eyes of the Fathers, who envied him not a little his triumph.

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Some years later, by the help of God, the Fathers prevailed on him to bring his family to Agra, where they could live amongft Christian people. In making for the port of Surrate in Cambaya they Struck upon a sandbank which extends from before Medafaual to Danu, 14 where they were wrecked. Inhowever, Ricci’s aftual memoirs were published at Macerata, under the editorship of Father Tacchi Venturi, S.

The latter had likewise been delivered over to him, the Venetian who was conducing them from Goa having died on the journey.

A Short History of Spain. Bocarro’s work has consequently been known as Decada 13, though the title he gave to it himself was Decada primeira. But neither the Goru nor ad about him could meet the demands of his tormentor; and at laft the poor man died, overcome by the miseries heaped upon him by those who had formerly paid him reverence.

Now this man thought that either the King would remit the fine or that the Goru would himself provide, or at any rate find some means of raising, the sum required. After jesukts had been present throughout the service, and the sermon which followed it, he was politely asked to withdraw, as mass was about to be celebrated. The King at this time began to show himself much less of a Moor than at firSt.