Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology is intended for use in undergraduate and/or graduate courses in Management Information. INFORMATION SYSTEMS VERSION (B+W) [John Gallaugher] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book is in great condition Like New. Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology v [John Gallaugher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This textbook .

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I also like the the consistent structure of each chapter, where learning objectives are presented at the beginning, and key takeaways are listed at the end.

Site’s theme modified from Grid Focus by Derek Punsalan of 5thirtyone. This is because of how fast the information system field changes. This book is a step in the right direction in engaging students and helping them realize how exciting IT can be. Those subjects are interlaced with other subjects throughout the book. There is not an ethics chapter or a networking chapter or a systems development chapter.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology – The Week in Geek™

If you use the versions available at lardbucket http: Supercomputing and Grid Computing 5. The terminology was consistent and relevant to the subject matter. I really like the modularity of this textbook.

Examples illustrating the concepts discussed are consistently boxed in. The textbook does cover the basics that other MIS textbooks cover: While this is true of any IT book this one is particular seems to aim at being as relevant to the current market as possible. The text is not culturally offensive in any way.


And while chapters introduce concepts, cases on approachable, exciting firms across industries further challenge students to apply what they’ve learned, asking questions like:.

How I Built This: This text tries to include the up to the minute info. The discussions are built around cases and stories that bring the concepts to life. The modularity of the content was galkaugher due to the consistent structure of the chapters. The selection of chapters is appropriate to the discipline.

The text is not culturally insensitive or offensive.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology – Open Textbook Library

Book organized into chapters with short usually 4 to 6 page sub chapters that make it very easy to gsllaugher around, or remove small sections if desired with out making the text difficult to read. Some issues with finding the full book, but is more of a repository issue than an issue with the actual book.

The overall structure and organization of the text is excellent. Comments I found the textbook to be quite good. It includes scenes from our student app showcase, featuring apps developed by students who had never previously taken a collegiate programming gallaughher. Organizational references made within the general text are broad enough that they would not have gallauhher be removed, but could be updated to reflect recent events. It is difficult to create a comprehensive text that addresses substantive the numerous concepts associated with management information systems.


The structure of the chapters is well presented visually and the breakdown of content into subchapters makes the book easy to read, as well as creates a good framework for moving through the content.

Clarity is a strength for this textbook. An index at the end could be beneficial. As a matter of fact, the ease by which I could move sections and subsections around was the main reason for my use of this textbook in an e-commerce class despite the fact that the book is written for an introductory information systems course. Other than that I didn’t notice an issue.

Thanks to all who make this such a special experienceand to Ameet Kallarackal for such kind words. There is no index or glossary. For faculty using the prior version, see info on Updates in Version 7.

Updated yearly with an eye on keeping concepts consistent but examples current, relevant, exciting, and useful. The images and hallaugher were relevant and added substance and clarity to the content of the text.

Information Systems: A Manager’s Guide to Harnessing Technology

Listen up and get inspired! Kale and avocado lovers, rejoice. Some chapters may require substantive update but the time frame for the updates will vary.