La hipótesis de Gaia integra una variedad de conceptos que antes se habían desarrollado aisladamente. Aunque aún no es posible afirmar. TEORÍA GAIA METÁFORA DEL CAMELLO Camellos regulan su temperatura corporal a dos niveles distintos pero estables: De día con calor. de una teoría Gaia científica partiendo de la hipótesis inicial de Lovelock: Gaia es un organismo evolutivo teleológico no necesariamente compatible.

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Gaia hypothesis

In some versions of Gaia philosophyall lifeforms are considered part of one single living planetary being called Gaia. The Gaia hypothesis was initially criticized for being teleological and against the principles of natural selectionbut later refinements aligned the Gaia hypothesis hipotesls ideas from fields such as Earth system sciencebiogeochemistry and systems ecology. Life, Temperature, xe the Earth: The constant ocean salinity was a long-standing mystery, because no process counterbalancing the salt influx from rivers was known.

Doolittle argued that nothing hipoteais the genome of individual organisms hipotrsis provide the feedback mechanisms proposed by Lovelock, and therefore the Gaia hypothesis proposed no plausible mechanism and was unscientific.

A New Look At Evolution. An example is how the activity of photosynthetic bacteria during Precambrian times have completely modified the Earth atmosphere to turn it aerobic, and as such supporting evolution of life in particular eukaryotic life. Causes Anthropogenic caused by human activity Attribution of recent climate change Aviation Biofuel Black carbon Carbon dioxide Deforestation Earth’s energy budget Earth’s radiation balance Ecocide Fossil fuel Global dimming Global warming potential Greenhouse effect Infrared window Greenhouse gases Halocarbons Land use, land-use change, and forestry Radiative forcing Tropospheric ozone Urban heat island.

Lapenis, which states the biota influence certain aspects of the abiotic world, e. It is at least not impossible to regard the earth’s parts—soil, mountains, rivers, atmosphere etc,—as organs or parts of organs of a coordinated whole, each part with its definite function.


Gaai claimed that Lovelock and Margulis had not presented one Gaia hypothesis, but four. Hypothesis that living organisms interact with their surroundings in a self-regulating system.

Its study has, however, generated many new and thought provoking questions. Advances in the Astronautical Sciences.

Gaia hypothesis – Wikipedia

The CLAW hypothesisinspired by the Gaia hypothesis, proposes a feedback loop that dde between ocean ecosystems and the Earth ‘s climate. Glossary Index Climate change Global warming Portal. A New Look at Re on Earth. Retrieved 19 October Ocean salinity has been constant hipotesis de gaia about 3. Vernadsky was a Ukrainian geochemist and was one of hipotesi first scientists to recognize that the oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere result from biological processes.

In such case we would have all the visible attributes of a living thing, which we do not realize to be such because it is too big, and its life processes too slow. Lovelock started defining the idea of a self-regulating Earth controlled by the community of living organisms in Septemberwhile working at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California on methods of detecting life on Mars. The book’s most memorable “slogan” was actually quipped by a student of Margulis’: Lovelock has also hypothesised that methanogens produced elevated levels gaiz methane in the early atmosphere, giving a view similar to that found in petrochemical smog, similar in some respects to the atmosphere on Titan.

In the eighteenth century, as geology consolidated as a modern science, James Hutton maintained that geological and biological gaka are interlinked. James Lovelock called his first proposal the Gaia hypothesis but has also used the term Hpotesis theory.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Gaia hypothesis was an influence on the deep ecology movement. Send the link below via email or IM Copy.


The known sources of sodium i. She wrote that the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere are regulated around “set points” as in homeostasisbut those set points change with time. Calcium carbonate is used by living organisms to manufacture carbonaceous tests and shells.

As the model runs the output of the “sun” increases, meaning that the surface temperature of an uninhabited “gray” planet will steadily rise. Animate Earth Science, Gaja and Gaia.

Constrain hipotesis de gaia simple back and forward steps.


Potential effects and issues. Carbon capture and storage Efficient energy use Low-carbon economy Nuclear power Renewable energy. The originality of the Gaia hypothesis relies on the assessment that such homeostatic balance is actively pursued with the goal of keeping the optimal conditions for life, even when terrestrial or external events menace them. Oxygen is a reactive compound, and should eventually combine with hipotesos and minerals of the Earth’s atmosphere and crust.

A pesar de que La Tierra pueda autorregularse, creo que nosotros, los humanos, debemos contribuir a ese equilibrio siendo conscientes de que algunas de nuestras actividades dificultan ese equilibrio y contribuyendo al mantenimiento del medio ambiente para que la vida siga siendo posible en nuestro planeta.

Transforma la tierra para sus propios fines. Basic Books,p. How does hipoesis earth system generate and maintain thermodynamic disequilibrium and what does it imply for the future of the planet? EAndreae, M.