Learn more about the Indian grey mongoose – with amazing Indian grey mongoose videos, photos and facts on Arkive. The Indian grey mongoose or common grey mongoose is the common species of mongoose found in southern India. It lives in close proximity to human. Image of Herpestes edwardsi. Herpestes edwardsii Trusted. Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike (CC BY-SA ). © India Biodiversity Portal. Source.

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IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Glossary Carnivore An organism that feeds edwardeii flesh. The cobra strikes time and time again, but the mongoose is able to jump out of reach, weaving and rocking like a boxer. Describes behaviour and behaviour patterns of an organism, including actions and reactions of organism in relation to its biotic and abiotic environment. A Checklist of Mammals of India with their distribution and conservation status. Between hunts, Indian gray mongooses retreat to their burrow, crevices in rocks, or nearby rivers to escape the heat and obtain protection from their largest predator, leopards Panthera pardus.

Masked palm civet P. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. These include grasslands, open areas, rocky patches, scrub, semi-desert, cultivated fields and other disturbed areas, areas of thickets, bushy vegetation, dry secondary forest, thorn forestforest edges, and also near human settlement.

For Herpestes javanicussee Small Asian mongoose. Central African oyan P. The grey mongoose is commonly found in open herpesyes, scrublands and cultivated fields, often close to human habitation. Legs are darker than body and tail tip is either paler than the body color or white. There has been no records of the Stripe-necked Mongoose from the entire range of the Eastern Ghats Hose’s palm civet D. The habitat preferences of this mongoose have not been well documented, edwarrdsii in India it has been recorded in disturbed areas, dry secondary forest and thorn forest, and is found near human settlements 1 6 8.


Image credit Link to this image Add to scrapbook How you can use this image. The greatest threat to herpestss mongoose’s survival is the use of toxic agro-chemicals in farming areas. They sleep in holes in the ground uerpestes hollow trees to escape the mid-day sun. They have also been edardsii to prey on grasshoppers, scorpions, centipedes, frogs, crabs, and fish.

Carnivores are typically born altricial, developing in a nest or den of some type. The mammals of India: They became a pest when they fed on birds and small mammals instead of unwanted animals.

The Indian grey mongoose herpesfes between March and October, it breeding two to three times each year. Occurrence Occurrence Occurrence Records. Fur is grizzled and coarse, tail length is equal to head-body length, females are smaller than males. Retrieved 5 January Encyclopedia of Life EOL. X Close Image credit. The species is protected in India, but an illegal trade in hair for the purposes of making of paint brushes and shaving brushes continues, and this is one of its most significant threats.

In other words, Central and South Herpestea. The Indian grey mongoose also occurs in many protected areas.

This species is featured in: The meat is eaten by some tribes, and the hair used to make brushes and good luck charms 1 8. South Hrpestes fur seal A.

Indian grey mongoose biology The Indian grey mongoose is mainly active during the day 2 6 8feeding on a variety of prey, including insects, spiders, scorpions and other invertebratesas well as frogs, lizards, rodents and snakes 8. Information about type specimens associated with a given taxon; e. Although this species as a whole is not thought to face any major threats, it may experience some localised ones. Range number of offspring 2 to 4 Range gestation period 60 to 65 days There was no information available on parental care in Indian gray mongooses.


MyARKive offers the scrapbook feature to signed-up members, allowing you to organize your favourite Arkive images and videos and share them with friends. This species is known for its behavior in combating snakes.

File:Herpestes edwardsii. 2.jpg

Indian brown mongoose Herpestes fuscus. However, the IUCN recommend that further field surveys, ecological studies, habitat protection and monitoring of threats are needed in order to ensure that populations of this small carnivore remain secure 1 8. The snake can usually endure the first bite, but the mongoose persists until it is able to hold and crack the cobra’s skull. Most mongooses use this technique for breaking open average sized eggs.

The Indian grey mongoose is generally solitary, though the young may stay with the female for some time 2 7 8. Ewer, ; Walker, Other Physical Features endothermic homoiothermic bilateral symmetry Sexual Dimorphism male larger Range length 73 to 81 cm Australian sea lion N.

Best supported on Google Chrome, Firefox 3. Small-toothed palm civet A. Overall grey with the brown coloration in varying degree in the different species. Mammals of the Meghamalai landscape, southern Western Ghats, India Field Enterprise Educational Corporation. This mongoose is legally protected in India, and in central India it is considered a sacred species and is not killed. Bassaricyon Olingos Eastern lowland olingo B. You may select the license of your choice. The Indian grey mongoose is the state animal of Chandigarh.