View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III technical reference manual online. GlobeSurfer III Network Router pdf manual download. View and Download Option Audio GlobeSurfer III user manual online. Gateway. GlobeSurfer III Gateway pdf manual download. Welcome to the GlobeSurfer® III, your 3G wireless gateway router that connects you to the internet, allows you to make and For the newest firmware ver-.

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Connections This screen shows all connections currently active. If you do not want to assign a password to the remote user leave this field empty. This screen offers the facility to translate network addresses. Reboot Press Browse to locate the configuration file.

The maximum is minutes 24 hours.

Option Audio GlobeSurfer III Technical Reference Manual

Add encryption to your wireless network to prevent unauthorised traffic monitoring and access, as soon as your local wireless network has been set up. Typically, the passwords stored in the table are encrypted.

Click the Close button. Certificates Click on the New Hours Range hyperlink or the gpobesurfer icon to add an entry.

When first logging on to the management console, the Login screen will appear. Check the Edit the Newly Created Connection check box if you wish to be routed to the new connection’s configuration screen after clicking Finish. Group Key Update Globesurfeg Defines the time interval in seconds for updating a group key. You can configure the following routing settings: Staying up to date with the latest firmware is a good idea to keep your router even more secure from various security flaws.


Reboot To access the Reboot screen, click the Reboot tab at the top right hand side of the Maintenance screen in the System area. Press the Cancel button to reject changes and go to the Home screen.

Such a user has access to any disk shares available in your network. Provides a transmission speed of up to 11 Mbps in the 2.

It is case-sensitive and must not exceed 32 characters use any of the characters on the keyboard. Connect to the Internet.

Device This screen displays a list of all the devices in the local network along with their status, and provides the ability to modify and delete each entry. Name Type Size Date User manual safety statements iii to download pdf User manual click to download.

Advanced Your gateway’s firewall helps protect your computer by preventing unauthorized users from gaining access to it through a network such as the Internet.

User Defined — this routes to the Edit Service screen see section 8. Page 88 timeserver address by clicking the New Entry link at the bottom of the section. Got it, continue to print. Leave globesugfer feature disabled unless you encounter severe communication difficulties between the gateway and Wireless-G products.

Option Audio GlobeSurfer III User Manual

The following checkboxes can be clicked: If your GlobeSurfer III router is not working as it should, dropping connections or not being responsive, you should first do a reset globeusrfer the router to see if the problems persist. Page 43 to this request, that determines whether a session can be established or not.

If you want to change any settings, use the Back button to navigate to the appropriate page and modify that setting. Don’t have an account? Use the Browse button to browse to the. Do you still have questions concerning the router that you can’t find online?



Leave the unit on so that you can connect to the Internet at the push of a button, or automatically if that option is selected. Press the Apply mannual to apply changes and stay on this screen. It has your name and some information about you on it, plus the signature of the person who issued it to you. Press the Download log button to save the log to an Excel spreadsheet.

In a typical table each row defines an entry in the table. Finish The last page of the Installation Wizard shows all the settings made on previous pages.


Page 72 section globesurfed. So flashing OpenWrt onto it should be quite straigthforward. The Connection Summary screen will appear, corresponding to your changes. Telephony Select the country for your telephone handset. Press the OK button to apply changes and go back to the previous screen. Incoming traffic is treated as inactivity. The following data can be modified: The following fields are displayed: Page 73 o Always — access is always controlled o User defined — this routes to the Edit Scheduler Rule screen see section 8.

The NAT Network Address Translation screen allows you to hide the computers in your network so globesurfsr cannot be found or directly accessed from outside your network.