22 nov. LUCIVÂNIO, Jatobá.; LINS, Raquel Caldas – Introdução à Geomorfologia. Recife: Bagaço, PENTEADO, Margarida Maria E. Fluvial processes in river engineering. Wiley, New York, pp. CSIRO, Land Research Series, 1. Christofoletti, A., Geomorfologia fluvial. vol. 1, o canal . Teoretica Rio Claro 6(11/12), 67 (b) Christofoletti, A.: Geomorfologia Univ. São Paulo 51, 1 () Ciet, 87, () Dingman, S.L.: Fluvial hydrology.

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Boletim Mineiro de Geografia 10, 11, p. Stream capture as driver of transient landscape evolution in a tectonically quiescent setting. Geoderma, The p-value indicated low probability in decimal scale of equal relief ratio values for the watersheds.

The north edge is defined by the Curral homocline, the east flank is defined by the Gandarela syncline, the west edge is the Moeda syncline and the south is defined by the Dom Bosco syncline. However, the mean landform downwearing in these two basins differs greatly. These sub-basins are generally distributed across the entire basin, decreasing only in the middle course.

It represents slopes of the upper course areas, with the flow rate increasing toward the bottom of the slope, and divergent flow that can induce the formation of various erosional channels in the lower third of the slope. A locally adaptive approach to the interpolation of digital elevation models.


Geomorfologia fluvial christofoletti download

It occurs mainly associated to unit I in the more flat portions, spatially positioned in the upper third of the slope. Similarly, authors like ChristofolettiBeltrame and War and Cunhastate that the river basin, comprehends part of a chrisstofoletti vision of the behavior of natural conditions and human activities, since significant changes in any one of these units can generate changes or even impacts to the downstream and to the energy flows.

The unit IX is relatively less represented in the hydrographic basin with an area of The first parameter used considered the amplitude variations presented by the basin due to the distribution of the frequency histogram, where the overall average of altimetries was considered, corresponding to meters that divided the slopes located in high and low altitude.

Geomorphology 84, It is characterized by slopes of the middle and lower course areas altitudes below the averagewith the flow rate increasing toward the bottom of the slope convex profile but with divergent flow divergent planwhich can lead to the formation of small erosion channels in the slope base. Geol Soc Amer Bull 63, The majority of the area is underlain by the Minas Supergroup, which is Paleoproterozoic phyllite, BIF, quartzite, shale and marble.

Those characteristics are the opposite of the high values found in the lower course, where there is high downwearing m and hypsometric integral values. During these events, there was a preferential migration of river channels to the east, groundwater piracy and beheading of the Rio do Peixe’s area.

Geonomos 8, 1, Influence of dynamic channel adjustment. The extremely low p-value demonstrates a probability higher than This difference becomes clearer when the downwearing values within these basins are analyzed Figure This factor can be obtained using the equation.


Geomorfologia fluvial christofoletti download

The relief ratio Geomorfologlafirst described by Schummis given by the equation. Geomorphology 69, All of our methods are described in detail below.

United States Geological Survey 1, The hypothesis of river captures sensu strictu is consistent with the greater dissection by and energy of capturing streams, primarily in the absence of structural lineaments required for tilting near the drainage divides. On digital soil mapping. According to Barbosa and confirmed by Barbosa and Rodriguesthe paleodrainage was predominantly endoreic in the upper course before the river captures geomorfoologia by the Rio das Velhas enabled outflow from the syncline.

Fundamental quantitative methods of land surface analysis. The second, river diversion, can be understood as similar to river capture, but, unlike the former process, the river is forced to flow into another watershed by channel migration, tectonic tilting or catastrophic processes. Oficina de Textos, Tectonophysics 92, ,