pathways for the learners. The Gachathi Commission of resulted in a report that addressed the issue of national development and educational objectives. Although this report made several recommendations, it was never fully The Gachathi Report greatly motivated curriculum reform particularly in terms of coping. That report notes that half the Kenyan population is poor, with about 10 .. The Gachathi Report stressed that no improvement of education.

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Kenya Education Commission Report.

Roles of the Bessay Commission? Racial segregation abolished universally, and Eeport children started benefitting from governmental bursaries. Arthur convened an expert conference to look into unemployment. Recommendations of the Kamunge Report?

Education commissions in Kenya

There was a free reort program in arid and semi arid areas. The rapid spread of Harambee school was alarming and significantly threatened employability of the state. However, although the policy has been described a major educational reform in the.

The government took the helm as a crucial partner in education still leaving sufficient legal grounds for Boards of Governors and school committees to practice their duties as gacjathi. The commission gave some recommendation that helped the government to mitigate forecasted graduate frustrations and unemployment. To redefine Kenyan Educational policies and objectives, focusing mainly on national unity and the economic, social and cultural aspirations of the people of Kenya. Since its inception, system has been changed to be more accommodative.

Regarding education, its main recommendations were: It recommended that education should foster national unity and promote positive attitudes and consciousness towards other countries. The system has been the subject of national debate since its inception. It recommended expansion of basic education from 8 to Report of presidential working party Mackey Report.


Education commissions in Kenya ▷

The system of education introduced in still remain the most radical and perhaps mindless change in the education in Kenya since independence. The rationale was that the previous program was too short and not rigorous enough to give graduates enough practical education.

Introduction of this level merited the need to promote the quality educational skills. There was an accounting and reporting system of expenditure — head of schools had to explain how they have used the free primary education funds.

The principal of University College Nairobi, Dr. Infree primary education was implemented as from class1 — 4, then it would be extended to the rest. The system of education was introduced in Januaryfollowing the Mackay report of It proposed practical education for self reliance to be enhanced. The Koech Commission came up to address enormous challenges that were drawing back educational reforms.

Funding for school development was decentralized such that it would be received directly by the schools for improvement of infrastructure. In summary, Gachathi Committee was important in school curriculum diversification. Suggest ways of promoting social values, ethics and AIDs related education. Romantic Questions to Ask A Girl 2.

It recommended unit learning approach and credit accumulation in post secondary education to facilitate points of exit and re-entry as appropriate. Parents were to buy books, uniforms and pay activity and examinations fees. All educational needs in Kenya were examined ideologically in the light of planning as a function of African Socialism. The government of Kenya cooperated well with Rfport Commission.

Gachathi Commission Report and Recommendations – Gachathi Report

Urbanization also became an issue with too many people moving into towns to look for jobs at the expense of development in rural areas. The government later gave most of its mandate to Board of Governors for both high schools and higher learning institutions. Enrolment of overage learners 7.


Sociology of Education Short Notes Part 1. Think it is important? Gachathi report in proposed gachatbi upgrade of Kenyatta university college to become a full-fledged University.

Factors, which influence the teaching of technical and vocational. These series of reformation later tachathi Kiswahili adopted National Language. Some of the key achievements in this proposal included Kenyan flag raising and National Anthem singing in schools. The campaign fueled by the commission is a tribute to the current vocational subjects integrated into the education system. Some of the key players in this revolutionary contribution are Ominde ReportGachathi ReportMackay ReportKamunge Reportand Koech Report among others as discussed above.

One of the reasons is the outflow of students belonging to the higher socioeconomic strata, who often prefer foreign Universities. Majority of secondary schools are run on the Harambee system.

Guidance and counselling of the youth in secondary school to enable them face realities of life. To make recommendations on training, supply and retention of teachers so as to meet the needs of the curriculum.

Suggest ways of liberalizing education. A diversified curriculum to provide learners with broad education. At hand was a challenge of distributing economic opportunities equitably to all citizens.