Scott Mandelker interviewed twenty-five Americans who claim extraterrestrial ( E.T.) identity, a he made some astounding discoveries. Focusing on personal. Sep 1, Here to help humankind, they could be your doctor, teacher. or clergyman–but they are not human. Dr. Mandelker offers a forum to 25 E.T.s. Dr. Scott Mandelker has an MA in Counseling, Ph.D. in East-West His first book , From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, has sold thousands of copies, and was.

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Yeah, now we could get into this kind of dialogue or this angle also for a long time, and sort eelsewhere be critical xcott the lack of discernment of most of our compadres or the people who are both leaders and followers in the spiritual field. And we have to understand that part of our emotional pain on Earth is that this is primarily a world without love. There are souls in higher dimensions who have chosen the path of evil.

How does that relate to our origin as sparks of light of the Creator, how does it relate to our relationship to Higher Self or past-life karma. If you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to call or email me directly. Jul 09, Penny rated it it was ok. That person leaves and so-called dies, and a new personality stream enters.

That form is a little bit like paying a toll. These five physical senses plus the sixth mind-consciousness are the main input sources of what mandlker call conscious mind or personal experience.

Return to Book Page. That feeling is God, or feeling good or just dancing. September 8, Hits: There are a number of endorsements on manelker back of the book, Dr. There are two paths offered by the Creator to all souls for their free experience. More about the ways of these two spiritual paths of moral polarity will be explained in parts one and two of “What’s your Polarity.

Dr. Scott Mandelker with Jeff Rense, Discussing Law of One

The basis of the total global UFO phenomenon, since time immemorial, has been the development of love on Planet Earth. It is a judgment term, but it basically is called service to self.


Living in a narrow space within a kind of enclosure by the veils, we try to garner knowledge of the world around us in an attempt to learn and become well-adapted humans. Lists with This Book. Yeah, and it is eminently more difficult because of the very elsewere that you alluded to a few moments ago. They will push it away as soon as it is proffered to them. I invite you to watch Dr. He is a unique one, and we will be right back to carry on with Scott Mandelker in just a moment.

Elsewbere have spent many, many years on this program talking about bringing information of a truthful and viable nature to people who, in many cases our listeners are very bright, discerning people. If we talk about numbers, in my understanding there are about 85 to million souls on Earth who are from other dimensions. The harvest is about this time, Abuse in childhood, near death experiences, drug addictions, some two roommates both realized they are ETs after attending one of those therapies how convenient and obviously they did have issues since they attended a therapy another guy found it out when he was told it, etc.

Yes, it seems my partner is elsedhere unfair. And time is very short for souls to develop themselves to make this graduation. Soul Evolution and the Cosmic Plan is available right now. On the “positive path” we express by open-heart and receptivity, expanding love, truth, and benefit to all.

And I elseahere your implication would be that many of them in the so-called New Age movement, being of ET soul origin, are drawn to the New Age by virtue of their old and very, I guess, well, how many generations could it be?

The elsdwhere internationalists that would subjugate and subvert the planet to their own will, and they are doing a pretty damn good job of it right now, are either consciously or unconsciously allied with the dark, and the dark certainly is part and parcel of the ten percent that you are alluding to.

His first book, From Elsewhere: Curtains for Partial Disclosure? Annie Wehrli rated it it was amazing Jun 22, Tania rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Well, mental problems are not necessarily visible, people who have them are not all necessarily running around with scissors and drooling.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In the movie “the Matrix,” I think we find important symbolism of some of the metaphysics of human incarnation and social group life.

Now, part of that means an understanding of what the heck is 3D life all about? And when confronted with same, most ignore it and head on their merry way anyhow.

Into the Matrix | HuffPost

The potential for manipulation is enormous, and knowledge is power, and they have got the knowledge and they are going to hang onto that power. At long last, my second book now available. Right, which does in fact, that kind of lightness of being, it is the only thing that the dark side really fears.

We have to help ourselves. J rated it really liked it May 17, If its impossible to prove an ET soul for him, he should at least be happy that the explanations he doesn’t like are tested and proven wrong. February 9, Hits: In this book the author, after explaining the origin and source of the term Wanderer goes about systematically interviewing over a dozen people who have self-identified as either Wanderers or Walk-Ins.

How could he, apparently he is an ET as well He keeps on telling the readers that one should be open-minded When I got this book what I found interesting was that the cover and some of the pages in the beginning promised a study on people who think that they are or are, whatever aliens and how it affects their life.

Many people who have a connection to Atlantis or Egypt or the Renaissance or later just this century have come in at those times.

As below, so above. Behind Majestic with David Wilcock here: Mahdelker it possible these concepts are so real, yet our mind has no relational context other than through the use of metaphoric analogy? The website address is www.