Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council [Pope Paul VI] on . Evangelica Testificatio is an apostolic exhortation issued by Pope Paul VI in , concerning the renewal of religious life according to the teaching of the. Evangelica Testificatio: Apostolic Exhortation on the Renewal of the Religious Life According to the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council. Front Cover.

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They do not realize that Christ, through His Church, can respond to their expectations.

Estima y afecto 4. Above all, it must be possible to pass from external activity to the demands of common life, taking care to insure full effectiveness to the elements of the strictly religious life. Perfectae caritatis13, AAS 58,p. Thus it is that the Council includes among the benefits of the religious state “liberty strengthened by obedience,” 42 and stresses that such obedience “does not diminish the dignity of testkficatio human testificahio but rather leads it to maturity through that enlarged freedom which belongs to the sons of God.

Necesidad de vida interior It must have a primary place in your constitutions and in your lives.

Evangelica Testificatio (29 de junio de ) | Pablo VI

Its value as a witness will derive from a generous response to the exigencies of the Gospel, in total fidelity to evantelica vocation—not just from an excessively superficial preoccupation for appearing to be poor—and in avoiding testiflcatio ways of life which would denote a certain affectedness and vanity.

Dear sons and daughters in Christ, the religious life, if it is to be renewed, must adapt its accidental forms to certain changes which are affecting with growing rapidity and to an increasing extent the conditions of life of every human being. Gaudium et spes, 43, A. Lumen gentium, 43, A. Through such a bond a person is totally dedicated to God by an act of supreme love Apart from an order manifestly contrary to the laws of God or the constitutions of the institute, or one involving a serious and certain evil—in which case there is no obligation to obey—the superior’s decisions concern a field in which the calculation of the greater good can vary according to the point of view.


Held in God’s grasp, you abandon yourselves to His sovereign action, which draws you toward Him and transforms you into Him, as it prepares you for that eternal contemplation which is the common vocation of us all. Religious life already existed in germ, and progressively it felt the growing need of testificwtio and of taking on different forms of community or solitary life, in order to respond to the pressing invitation of Christ: Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

A sort of spontaneous reaction against the anonymity of the great urban centers, the necessity of adapting the living quarters of a community to the cramped environment of modern cities and the very need to be closer, in one’s living conditions, to the people to be evangelized—these are among the reasons that lead certain institutes evaangelica plan by preference the foundation of communities with a small number of members.

The gifts of the Spirit are many, but they always grant us a taste of that true and intimate knowledge of the Lord. Gaudium et spes8, AAS 58,p. But is it not for you to give an gestificatio of joyful, well-balanced austerity, by accepting the difficulties inherent in work and in social relationships and by bearing patiently the trials of life testificatko its agonizing insecurity, as renunciations indispensable for the fullness of the Christian life?

Following the example evangslica Christ, who came to do the will of the Father, and in communion with Him who “learned to obey through suffering” and “ministered to the brethren,” you have assumed a firmer commitment to the ministry of the Church and of your brethren. One of the principal duties of superiors is that of insuring that their brothers and sisters in religion should have the indispensable conditions for their spiritual life.

It is continually necessary to revitalize external forms with this interior driving force, without which these external forms would very quickly become an excessive burden. Gal 5, 13; 2 Cor. This grace will be given to you by Christ Jesus in proportion to the fundamental gift which you have made of yourselves and which testificstio do not retract.

Es un deber de cada uno, pero particularmente testificatioo los superiores y de cuantos tienen una responsabilidad entre sus hermanos o sus hermanas, despertar en la comunidad la certeza de la fe que debe guiarlos.


Be among those who will bring testivicatio the world the peace of God. Lumen Gentiumcap.

Widening the dialogue : reflection on Evangelica testificatio

It obliges you also to awaken consciences to the drama of misery and to the demands of social justice made by the Gospel and the Church. Didache, IV, 8; cf.

May the trials which you encounter be for you an opportunity for bearing in union with the Lord, and of offering to the Father, the many misfortunes and unjust sufferings which weigh upon our brothers and sisters; to these the sacrifice of Christ can alone—in tesitficatio meaning. How can what is essential be safeguarded or attained?

Gaudium et spes, 8, A.

How could you advance along this road and be faithful to the grace which animates you if you did not respond with all your being, through a dynamism whose driving force is love, to that call which directs you unswervingly towards God?

Sencillez acogedora de la vida comunitaria Paul perhaps like the ecclesial fullness of Christ and at the same time the sharing by each Christian in this fullness?

Disorderly outbursts, which appeal to fraternal charity or to what one believes to be inspirations of the Spirit, can also lead to the breakup of communities.

Evangelica testificatio – Paolo VI – Google Books

Such a grace requires a profound union with the Lord, one which will enable you to transmit the message of the Incarnate Word in terms which the world is able to understand. Dear religious, how could you fail to desire to know better Him whom you love and whom you wish to make manifest to men? Is evangelcia the risk which is inherent in such situations a call to reassert and re-examine in depth the sense of obedience?

Perfectae caritatis15, AAS 58,p. Finally, there is surely no need to remind you of the special place occupied in your community life by the Church’s liturgy, the center of which is the Eucharistic Sacrifice, in which interior prayer is linked to external worship.

Lc 12, [47] Cfr. I AAS 58,p.

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