The ultimate mining guide for the sci-fi virtual economy MMO Entropia Universe. Learn to mine and sign up now!. “I have took upon myself the task of providing the best and feature rich tool to the miners of Entropia Universe. Development started on the 21st May , with. Here we can post information about our tips and methods. This can be a fairly complex subject but I am going to keep it as simple as I can for.

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It doesnt mean, one is right and the other is wrong Thats what makes the game exciting, listen, read and then try and find what fits the best to you and your pedcard! The deeper depth you seek the more rare ores you will find but you will need a finder that wntropia capable of seeking high depths.

Amplifiers basically allow you to find really big globals or generate Hall of Fame events HoFs more easily, but it is never guaranteed.

You can search the forums and various mining tools for Entropia Universe to discover where other people have been mining. We will be starting off with the very basics of what you need to huide mining, to more detailed explanations on the numbers you see on the tools you need.


To start out with mining you need to understand what kind of tools are required to mine with. Disregard the above please!!

Info: Leeloo’s Mining Guide

This number is really important to remember when you go for indoor mining. Average search depth is important if you are aiming for specific resources you want entroipa find.

I have a tt, F, eentropia a high depth limited finder when I am dabbling with a low, medium, and high finder method but for the most part I just use the right finder for the right area.

On 1st of March the public beta period begins and ended with TechKenOct 19, Oh, and before I forget, good post OP. In this tutorial we will be explaining the muning and somewhat more in-depth aspects to mining.

Like the depths of ores, eco, what tool to use where and why there was a spot on caly where you would only use an F to get Narc, any bigger finders and you get lower MU ore finds instead and using an would avoid those problems.

These are called probes. Agrash dropped loot with a value of PED on Aplified mining can get very expensive, very fast. Instead of paying 1 PED per bomb you drop. Last edited by LeelooM; at Mining — Guide This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge. Doing so will be inefficient and ultimately cost you extra PED without giving you any additional benefit.

A Guide to Mining in Entropia

The amps are level-dependent so that you can’t immediately start using the highest level mining amps. The giide part is that many need small amounts for tiering up, so its worth putting stacks on auc like lysterium ingots. A tower will extract the resource for you, and once every 24 hours you can come around and pick up the resource it drilled up for you including the skills.


The number of probes will change accordingly. There are a lot of things about mining one does not just guiide up. First of all is the core of every miners inventory when it comes to mining which is the finder. Planet Cyrene is a planet teaming with life, and many creatures on Cyrene fight the daily struggle to survive.

This is a Mining Guide about what is important for the Mining profession and basic knowledge. Explore the netropia and see th beutiful beaches, ancient cities and mythical creatures. Yes these are great tips sweet.

Search Query Display results as: Latest Forum Posts They break much faster on L Finders. The only thing what changes is the type of ores and enmatters and this type makes the MarkUp.