The R. Buckminster Fuller Collection documents the life and work of this 20th century polymath, and contains his personal archive, correspondence, manuscripts. In , Buckminster Fuller began to catalog all of his personal documents into the “Dymaxion Chronofile,” a chronological filing system that. Fuller called it the Dymaxion Chronofile. He cross-referenced its contents with 13, index cards. The archives also include “over 2,

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For the paranoid, they can run their own version of this service or manually put in authentication credentials.

Ahead of His Time: The Life and Designs of Buckminster Fuller — Kickstarter

Another thing to keep in mind is data rot: But given enough time, and enough energy towards that end, perhaps not impossible. I delete fairly relentlessly.

You need not go to your computer and search e-mails for the supporting info. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved from ” https: Thanks for the story and the insight! Building an app also forces you to create a logo for the app icon. If a tornado arrives, I can access everything as soon as I can get back online. And a last note was to highlight that the article mentioned having dymzxion files accessable. It takes almost no dymaxiom at all.

Today we take digital pictures and assume that they will be safe on our computer hard drive, external hard drive, DVD, CD, or whatever medium we are using to archive personal information. As a lawyer, I would suggest you consider whether you would wish to have to supply it in response to a subpoena.

He was designing houses that were off the grid before solar panels existed. This habit has worked well for me. The house would have been affordable, transportable, and energy efficient.


Most of the paper will be scanned and then either trashed or shredded. This record of a human life divided into minute increments is now the centerpiece of the Buckminster Fuller Archive at Stanford University. Just like we chronovile do for physical items. Once a project is complete, I review any correspondance hanging out there and decide what needs to go and what needs to stay.

Then again, it depends on the files. I like how author Elizabeth Kolbert put it:.

This page was last edited on 7 Aprilat I think everyone needs to answer this question for dynaxion, depending on their budget and time constraints. Unlike physical storage, the cost of your time to keep things pared down probably greatly exceeds the cost to add more storage.

For me, having lots of computer data, even in an organized manner, can be very annoying; additionally, it seems like clutter even though you do not see it.

Fuller folded the Chronofile into his personal myth, alluding to it as evidence of his commitment to total autobiographical objectivity. I decided to make myself a good case history of such a human being and it meant that I could not be judge of what was valid to put in or not. The whole ship goes by and then comes the rudder.

He refused to allow what he ultimately considered an unfinished design to be manufactured at scale. I believe that Ms.

A Fuller Archives Story | The Buckminster Fuller Institute

If I kept records like that my relatives might try to lock me up lol and all of it would hit the trash at about the time of my demise! But more importantly, this week I improved the onboarding chonofile by allowing oauth connections go outside the app, connect to a third-party service, and then pass back the authentication to the app.


This is a wonderful question!

Almost every computer you purchase today have a DVD drive. But some researchers contend that many of the most productive people do have some degree of hypomania.

Only three were ever produced; a series of accidents prevented the vehicle from taking off.

A 45-ton personal archive

I have become quite interested in archiving digital information. There is something uniquely satisfying about having empty email files!

dymaxxion Why is so hard to understand you have locked in your little head everything that will in fact determine a decision? Whether or not you have the room is a crutch question.

Dymaxion Chronofile

Marines have lived and worked in them from Antarctica to Okinawa. He put in his love letters even photocopying his replies and including them before sending them out. The other problem is obsolescence of software to actually read the data from the medium. I keep all my email, yahoo email, free unlimited storage, every month I make a new folder, and move everything chronfile it,end of the year, I move it into a year folder, I have it going back to about Do I have a something similar that I like better?

I cannot foresee any reason why I would ever need anything but the tax return from so long ago. I have decided however, that there are many things I do not NEED to save either electronically or physically.