Fixation Options. CORAIL PINNACLE 17% Less Chance of Revision. Hip Prosthesis Fixation by Patient Age. What’s Your Fixation Choice in THR?. DePuy Pinnacle Hip Help. likes. Let the experienced lawyers at Kershaw, Cook & Talley help you with your defective hip. Please contact Bill Kershaw. Johnson & Johnson (NYSE:JNJ) subsidiary DePuy Orthopaedics is on the hook for approximately $ million in damages in a bellwether.

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I feel that Mr. These last findings permitted the juries to award punitive damages.

DePuy Synthes Hip Portfolio

I am very grateful for the review and would like ;innacle share it: Shein was once expected to be called as a fact witness in the case by the plaintiffs. Have a question about the litigation? The most recent skirmish has centered on allegations by plaintiffs suggesting that lawyers for DePuy Orthopaedics may have been trying to influence the testimony of a witness for the plaintiffs.

For all metal-on-metal artificial hips, we have to start with the central question: Dwpuy it start this week? Again, there is still no word on the appeal. Oral arguments were heard in the third bellwether trial that was appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. How will this affect the Texas MDL cases? He has even given it a name: A former client wrote a pninacle of my work helping him through his metal-on-metal artificial hip case.

Medical Researchers Call DePuy Pinnacle Study “Grave Fraudulence”

Tower has concluded drpuy this approach is wrong, or at least incomplete, and he has seen that often the first signs of trouble with hip replacement patients are neurological symptoms. A lot of hurting people have depended on All- Please keep conversations and comments civil.

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Would you trust robot-assisted joint replacement?

For years the focus following hip replacement surgeries has been on the physical condition of the hip itself. The short answer is yesthe fourth bellwether trial began on Monday September 18, DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 7: Truthfully, I am more concerned with my ability to flow into a left legged lunge from a downward dog than to see my butt standing at attention, but that is too much pinnaclee think about too soon and so instead I turn to my beautiful daughter who is giving me a bedside serenade on her guitar and think about how much I love my family and all my friends and the taste of lime popsicles.

DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 2.

In this post Suzanne recounts her slow recovery from artificial hip revision surgery. This is her story:. Artificial hip maker demands retraction of a paper faulting its research- STAT. Suzanne received a metal-on-metal artificial hip, and four years later the pinhacle was recalled. I trusted Clay Hodges with my life. But the jury went further, concluding that the actions of the companies were fraudulent and deceptive, and that they depjy acted recklessly and maliciously in manufacturing, selling, and promoting the flawed products.

Talk to you then. Part 2 I woke up before the sun feeling wide awake, but not ready to face the day, I forced myself to fall back asleep re-entering the world of dreams and mystery.


This robotic technology transforms the way partial knee, total knee, and total hip replacements are performed. How does the k process fail to prevent unsafe medical devices from going to market?

These last terms have special meaning in law: Tally, Why no updates? In fact, cobalt and chromium are used to make artificial hips that are not metal-on-metal but instead use polyethylene liners, or ceramic heads, or other non-metal components.

DePuy Synthes Hip Portfolio | CORAIL PINNACLE

Affidavit of David Shein, M. Trustworthiness, operational expertise and great results. We have a mini update we will have another update soon: Please give us a call at pinnaclle any questions. I wrote about the health effects of metallosis on the body over a year ago.

PINNACLE® Hip Solutions | DePuy Synthes Companies

DePuy Pinnacle Trial Update 1. Steven Tower, an orthopedic surgeon in Alaska, pinncale gave a fascinating and alarming talk about the many neurological problems he has observed in hip patients with elevated cobalt levels in the body.

I want to share pinnacle you the affidavit submitted by Dr. All- We post updates as soon as we have an update to provide. Some of my clients have been asking me what is going on with the fourth Depuy Pinnacle bellwether trial.