The only resource written specifically for BC Social Studies 11 – all the support you will need to help students succeed in the Provincial Exam. What’s new in the . Week 11 – Starting Nov 13, Before our first class. Complete Questions on page 93 in Counterpoints; Complete Questions 1, 3 and 6 on page in. Social Studies 11 A Different Canada Chapter 1 Take Home Test Choose the best answer from those provided. Please use the bubble sheet.

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Find the specific product you wish counterpointz access on the left-hand side of this page and enter the login information you received at the time of purchase. Units 2 and 3 content for both the eText and eGuide will be available after October 20, and Unit 4 content in November Do Questions on page Our Challenges and Responsibilities. In which year was the Chinese Exclusion Act made into law?

What factors contributed to the rise of dictators after World Sociaos I? In response to the growing economic power of huge companies what organizations did working class people begin to form?

Social Studies 11: Counterpoints

Can you think of any positive social effects of the Depression? Did Hitler die in a bunker in Berlin? Living Standards in a Changing World Chapter Discover the best professional documents and content resources in AnyFlip Document Base.


Students and teachers can also access the Counterpoints 2 eText and eGuide from the Companion Web site. Inwhat is now the province of Quebec was made up of Quebec zocials the: In a two column organizer, summarize the arguments for and against government intervention in the economy: As I began to plan for that “kitchen meeting” I thought about some of the blessings of home schooling.

Which environmental disaster seriously depleted the fish stocks on the West Coast?

The more I thought the longer the list became. Prior tomost Canadians lived: The words you are searching are inside this book. Which Canadian provinces did not exist in ? Current Events Read about and discuss the events in Myanmar. How was Bennett perceived by Canadians during the Depression? Complete the ” Postcards for Peace ” activity – we will each send a postcard to a Canadian Veteran to commemorate Remembrance Day.

Read the Up Close article on page 89 and answer questions 1 and 2. Times of Turmoil – Canada in the s and s Chapter 8: You can publish your book online for free in a few minutes!

Make sure cookies are enabled or try opening a new browser window. List the political parties that were started during the Depression. Counterpoints meets the requirements of B. Homework Check – Did you do what was expected to be prepared for class? Canadians and Their Government Chapter 9: Please use the bubble sheet provided.

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Week 1 — Starting Sep 5, What are some examples from WWI?

Why do you think that entertainment remained popular during these tough times? Your browser seems to have cookies disabled. The Learning House Inc.

Refer to Figure p. Examine Figure p.

Home – Social Studies 11

Do your research, develop couunterpoints list of ideas you wish to present. Is it necessary to know such private details to evaluate his role in Canadian history? Social s Studies 11 Unit Plan.

Use the tables to determine the two worst years of the Depression. Week 2 — Starting Sep 11, View and dsicuss Introduction. Article 89 questions 1, 2 Task 3: Which three years had the highest expenditure on relief? From which region was immigration not encouraged? A Nation Emerges Chapter 1: Your project is due next class. Your plan socils be approved by me.