various sources. CitectSCADA, CitectHMI/SCADA, CitectFacilities and CitectSCADA Batch are regisitered October Edition for CitectSCADA Version Citect was a software development company specialising in the Automation and Control industry. The main software products developed by Citect included CitectSCADA. You must update your CitectSCADA Software Protection Key to run Version Software. Version runs on Windows XP, Windows

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How do you do it? However, if a system has already got the latest Sentinel System Driver installed then a reboot will not be necessary. To this day the citectscdaa alarm database i.

The computer that I had to rebuild was the computer that was set up to announce audibaly allof our alarms. At the end ofCitect ceased trading as an independent company and all of its remaining operations were absorbed into Schneider Electric.

The control features the following characteristics:. If the file is not in one of the aforementioned directories, you must include the full path to the sound file. Twitter Reddit Digg del. Version 3 of Citect for Windows was developed to build in much of the functionality that previously had to be programmed, such as indication of a communications failure to any programmable electronic device displaying real-time data.

Included with this release is the BatchExample project, as a stand-alone example that is citectscaxa to understand and illustrates some more advanced features of CitectSCADA Batch. During the early 90’s PC computational power had caught up and Microsoft Windows based software was becoming popular, so Citect for Windows was developed and released in The control features the following characteristics: The citectscadz will then search the following directories for the waveform file directories are listed in search order: Anyway, this function automatically plays a wav file when an alarm is raised within a category specified by the parameter [Alarm]Sound being the sound number at a location specified with a path substitution parameter.

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February 6th, WAV are provided with Windows and by third-party developers, or you can record them yourself to play long and complex sound sequences. Citect provides a rich programming API that includes sophisticated programming constructs such as concurrent tasks and semaphores.

August 4th, September 6th, I have the wav file I want to use but any reference to that file in my citect. Argyle Digital is still part of Citect.

CitectSCADA Audible Alarms – – Interactive Q & A

If you know of a place online that can help me with the correct syntax, please post the link for me. Last edited by P. SydneyAustralia This version is also the first version to support Windows Vista Operating system. EXE from installation CD1. Martin Roberts wrote Citect for DOS, released inas a response to the limited range of PC-based operator interface software available at the time.

CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

Version 7 was released in August The solution is to run the following DLL file: All times are GMT Last edited by consys; February 6th, at Views Read Edit View history. The simplest way to call any “stand alone” function that plays back a wav is when an alarm in a specific or in all categories is raised, acked or lowered. Does anyone know how to remedy this problem?

By referencing these tags at animation points using other configuration databases, the user could show the state of equipment such as running, stopped or faulted in real-time.

Version 8 was released inwith an overhauled UI and support for Windows When the Sentinel System Driver is installed to a system for the first time, it requires a reboot for the configuration changes to the registry to take effect. Citect for DOS consisted of a configuration database in dBase formata bitmap colour raw format and an animation file.


CitectSCADA Knowledgebase

Have a look thru Citect’s online help they should ahve an example of correct syntax. Find More Posts by juzloveu. Find More Posts by P. Configuration capabilities have intentionally been kept to a minimum, with templates for alarms, trends and tags available for configuration. July 13th, I think the function that it is probably using unfortunately I don’t have manual or copy of Citect handy so the name may be incorrect is something like DspPlaySound in the function you would specify the name of the actual sound wav something like DspPlaySound “c: To be able to use v5.

It also generates events which notify your application when the value of a property has changed, and for mouse activities associated with the Control. Alongside a standard graphics page template for the creation of plant mimics in Graphics Builder, the project includes predefined trend and alarm display pages, an engineering tools page, file pages and a selection of popup windows.

The default directory for a Citect installation has changed from C: Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc. Yes Citect does use windows system to play sounds. For a detailed listing of the problems that have been fixed in this release, please see Relnotes.