CCNP SWITCH 6 – BitRadius. Instructor Lab Manual Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF Ccnp Switch Instructor Lab Manual at. CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks v – Lab Copyright © Ensure that the switch is set up so that both the router and host are in the same. VLAN. .. Figure Internet Explorer Security Alert Prompt. ccnp switch instructor lab pdf. CCNP SWITCH Instructor Lab Manual. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Configure both switches in transparent mode for VTP using the vtp mode transparent global configuration command. You again have to press Enter to confirm. Configure the distribution layer switches to trust the CoS information in the Layer 2 frames being sent from the access layer.

Number of history Lives kept: In this lab you prepare a Catalyst or switch for use with a lab. However, it is supported in IOS versions The focus is on the configuration of access and distribution layer switches to support QoS for these devices.

This means that when the ping was getting routed, there was some point where a router did not have a route to the destination or that the packets were getting dropped for example, through an access list. After the cables are connected spanning tree is initiated and the switch detects the redundant links. Configure the switch hostnames as shown in the topology.

Challenge Try to guess how your topology would look if you completely removed the root switch. Routing needs to take place between the VLANs for this ping to be successful.

If you are accessing your equipment remotely, ask your instructor for instructions on how to do this. Add VLAN 10 and 20 to all of them. This will cause all ports on a switch in a particular VLAN to stop transmitting data. Because the camera is not capable of setting its own CoS, assign a CoS of 3 to ensure that 6.0 video traffic is identified by other switches and routers within the network.


Ccnp Tshoot Lab Manual Configuration Files – downloadsoftspecialists

Configure all inter-switch links statically as Complete This product contains cryptographic features and is subject to United States and local country laws governing import, export, transfer and use.

Issue the show interfaces trunk command on DLS1 to verify the trunking mode, encapsulation and status for the trunk links. After clearing the switch configuration, reload the switch by typing reload and pressing Enter. Switch config exit Switch Step 2: Use the show ip interface command to verify that CEF is enabled on an interface. The lab configuration files for the course should be swifch flash under the tshoot directory for a given. Verify your configuration using the show udld interface-id command.

Change root port using the spanning-tree cost command. Using Specialized Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tools. In addition, switches with a more preferred i. By using this product you agree to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition

This lab uses dynamic trunking protocol DTP to negotiate trunking, which can lead to security issues. The output should be similar to the following sample for DLS1. If the port was configured as a trunk port, BPDU guard should not take effect.

EtherChannel is used for the trunks because it allows you to utilize both Fast Ethernet interfaces that are available between each device, thereby doubling the bandwidth. This ping should succeed. The default HSRP hold time is 10 seconds. You can simulate this using the shutdown command on those interfaces. It is specified in a hexadecimal TLV type, length, value format. This allows the link to the router to rapidly transition to the forwarding state despite being a trunk.


Activate PortFast on the port with the interface-level command spanning-tree portfast. Statically set the switch port mode to access, and use Spanning Tree PortFast on the interfaces.

Cisco Networking Academy, CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition | Pearson

Change the VLAN names. What is the default hold time? You can use other routers such as orswitches such asand Cisco IOS Software versions if they have comparable capabilities and features.

Notice that no encapsulation type is needed because the supports only To determine if the VLANs have been relearned, use the show vlan command. On each switch, add Swith 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and Each route processor can route between the various SVIs configured on its switch.

The lab configuration files for the course should instuctor in flash under the tshoot directory for a. In the next lab, the default STP behavior will be modified so that spanning tree works according to specifications.

Table of Contents Chapter 1: Verify the configuration with the show etherchannel summary command. After deleting the vlan.

On the logical interface, issue the no switchport command to make it a Layer 3 port. Cisco provides the configuration files for the previous version version 6 on the Cisco Press website, but not for the new version. This step might take a few minutes, because the switch needs time to reload. The authentication server authenticates each ccn that is connected to a switch port before making any services that are offered by the switch or the LAN available. The distribution layer switches will not use a default gateway because they act as Layer 3 devices.