A crappy Chinese capacitor company “CapXon” handing out a bunch of mid- range low temperature caps inside of a confined space where there can be up to 4. CapXon LZ datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format. Buy uF 16V LZ 8x20mm C (Capxon) CapXon, Capacitors – Aluminium Capacitors (Through Hole), Ёмкость: µF, Номин. напряж.: 16 V, Серия: LZ, .

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I’ve already removed the burnt-out caps to get the info off of them, but I’d rather not replace them with the manufacturer’s caps because they are using a Bad cap cappxon called “CapXon”. If you can tell me where to get this, short of China, or what would be a good replacement I would greatly appreciate it. Nov 17, 3. My monitor is caxon again!!! In addition to the pieces of information mentioned by KeriJane, you’ll need to know the lead spacing distance between the leads, so that it will fitand the height, so that you’ll be able to put everything back together afterwards.

That is with removing them from the circuit too! Best of luck, Mason.

So does that mean that the Capacitors linked are both appropriate for my needs? Are they also known crap? Your user control panel provides box to insert this information. Here are three suitable parts on Digikey.


If I were you I’d replace the other 5 fatter caps while you’re at it. Search Forums Recent Posts. What ICs they’re near will usually give you a clue without a schematic. There is a bunch of the ViewSonics at my workplace that have or will likely be trashed because ccapxon this issue.

Bad Capacitor – Thanks CapXon Caps and Samsung

The electrolytic fluid dries up after years. Don’t know if its interesting but I took apart one of the culprits and pictures are provided.

la The Caps I pulled out of the Samsung were mostly or uF. I would guess that, as their PC are used by professional, Dell would select more carefully its supplier Problem solved, thanks for the post. Same issue with CapXon caps on the power board. Find More Posts by Newbie2. Sorry for the late update.

uF 16V LZ 8x20mm C (Capxon) CapXon – РАДІОМАГ РКС КОМПОНЕНТИ

Originally Posted by Rulycat. Run 4 your Life! Remember that by the time consequences of a short-sighted decision are experienced, the idiot who made the bad decision may have already been promoted or moved on to a better job at another company. As far as solder removal is concerned, the cheap Radio Shack desoldering iron does a passible job but you need extra heat for RoHS lead-free assemblies. Just all of the smaller ones.


Find More Posts by etnietering. The first one is the best. The middle capacitor had much more yellow junk on it but I brushed it off by accident.

Capxon Capacitor

They are just labeled U Glad you got it working. Original Samsung LCD capacitor configuration running parallel on the power board traces: We are glad Samsung used a more standard capacitor for their higher end displays. Another important question in which circuit are the caps bulged the switching PSU, vertical deflection, etc? You can get the data sheet from http: After that, you can post your question and our members will help you out.

Additionally There is this Capacitor by Panasonic http: They aren’t “bad”, they just have a short service life. Don’t know if there is a “good series” in Capxon caps but as far as it goes for me, i will never buy them CapXon Thanks to everyone for their input.