if there is a change in density of fuel oil, do we need make any change in the alcap purifier configuration? (as in the earlier ones were we had to. Consult Alfa Laval’s Alcap separation system brochure on DirectIndustry. HFO cSt, they decided to upgrade one purifier to an Alfa Laval SA separator. To overcome this problem, Alpha Laval has developed the Alcap separator, the Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover.

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Water is continuously discharged from the bowl. The EPC60 control system masterminds the operation of the separation system and allows the monitoring of control and alarm functions.

A water transducer in the clean oil outlet measures the capacitive resistance and signals changes to the EPC60 control unit. Ensure sludge cycle is set to x hours. The separator bowl is fixed at purifie top of a spindle, which is supported by bearings and special composite springs.

Viscosity of a fuel is reduced by heating.

ALCAP High density Purifier used Onboard Ship

The purifier pump suction should be closed, the pump discharge valve open to the heaters, and the recirc valve open back to the purifier suction. Viscosity of the oil: When operating in the purifier mode, a gravity disc must be fitted to obtain the correct interface position in the separator bowl, i. Likes to dabble in Poetry, Literature, Art and Cinema. The fuel cost savings alone quickly paid for the upgrade and will continue to contribute to the profitability of van der Plas fishing enterprise.

Unknown October 6, at 5: Based on proven Alcap oil treatment technology, the Alfa Laval S-separator combines heavy fuel oil and lubricating oil treatment into a single separator, thanks to software that makes it possible to set the relevant parameters in the process controller. Let us know in the Comments!


Set purifier oil feed to minimum. Reply can i ask how thus the flow control disc work Reply But the importance and use of pairing tube and difference between the impeller of Mitsubishi and pairing tube of Alfa laval was missing.

marine engine simulation: Marine Engine-Question & Answer-Purifier

This is a sign of reduced separation efficiency not only purfier water, but of solid particles too. Alarm functions are also provided for errors involving the EPC60 unit. After centrifugal separation, cleaned oil purififr continuously pumped away and separated sludge and water accumulate at the bowl periphery. Fast payback Comparable fishing trawlers typically use marine gas oil as fuel. Thus this creates a hindrance to its operating efficiency. Oil is fed into the high speed rotating bowl which basically operates as a clarifier, but water and solids are separated and are thrown to the outside of the bowl by centrifugal force.

Ensure purifier has been fully assembled, that the bowl cover locking dogs are in position, and the pruifier is off. A purifier separates sludge and water from the oil. The bowl opens and closes very rapidly and oil loss is minimal.

Alcap purifiers can be more regarded as clarifier. In addition, functions are available for vibration alarm when the purifeir vibration switch is fitted. S-separator The Alfa Laval S-separator is the principle component of a range of high efficiency heavy fuel oil separation systems. This means keeping the purification temp as high as possible and the throughput as low as possible.

Clear purifierr messages, available in several languages, indicate process parameters and alarms on the LCD display. This means that the conventional sludge tank under the separator can be avoided.


When the Dutch fishing trawler KW Catharina set sail on the North Sea init signaled more than a generational shift for the van der Alcp family. Water is admitted into the bowl to soften the sludge and displace the oil in the bowl.

Norway Martech Enterprises Ltd. Open the catalog to page 3. It is designed to clean a wide range of fuel oils used by diesel engines in the marine and power industries.

The separator design incorporates a sludge evacuation which is absorbed by the casing and which allows the sludge volume to be discharged to a sludge tank. Should be as slow as possible to maintain fuel demand. Martech is an engineering consulting company incorporated in British Columbia, Canada.

Catharina is designed to use heavy fuel oil with a maximum viscosity of cSt. However, how to adjust the throughput reducing the flow for better quality of oil should be explained.

If the water levels exceed the values, the process controller automatically initiates a sludge discharge. AFPX High capacity solids-ejecting centrifuge Very explanatory article, which would definitely a guide to all juniors as well a refreshing note for all senior marine engineers. That is it can remove small quantities of water and sludge.

Upgrading an Alfa Laval purifier originally installed onboard to an Alfa Laval SA separator system drastically reduced fuel costs. The lower the viscosity the lower the drag force on sludge particles. If the fuel contains water it will build up in the bowl and start to be discharged with the clean oil.