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Gufte webbing may make the material shrink and the precisely designed elongation rate will be changed. For the light weight wrap system you need: Brackets for lap belt installation must either swivel [NASCAR requirement] or must be able to provide an alignment during a crash. The bracket may be weakened or stick to your drill bit and the bracket and attached webbing and its hardware may spin and may cause severely injuries or death.

Severe injury or death could result. If this is not achieved, shcroth for proper strap routing and follow these instructions step by step again.

It will also carry the FIA homologation label. If there are choices of several anchor points choose those that come the closest to these recommendations. The soft tissue on the upper schgoth is not considered a hard point. To tighten a strap, pull at the protruding strap end as indicated. In this case, the strap end now protrudes from the down side of the LV 4.

RECARO Ergomed – Orthopäd

Safe harness belt functioning requires belt and bracket alignment during a crash. Always secure wrap around attachments against lateral sliding on the roll cage bar. Keep yourself up-dated about the latest regulations for the motorsport in which you are participating.


For correct height and lateral routing see sketches below. The wrap hardware LV 4 is not to be used with this bracket. Protech Seating Limited Corbeau: The high impact resistant polycarbonate [PC] material is sensitive to any kind of hydrocarbons, also to spray cleaners containing hydrocarbons.

The last year of FIA validity is indicated on the label.

The seal also helps to prevent water intrusion. Webbing which is caught may be weakened, the racing harness may fail during an accident and severe injuries or death may occur. The ability of any restraint system to minimise or prevent injuries is directly related to the type and severity of accident.

We have created it to help the reader understand racing harness installation, use and maintenance, and how it relates to safety in motorsports. Deviating from these instructions may result gufte rejection from participation in motorsport events.

Regulations may change with short notice and may not be incorporated into these instructions at the date of purchase. Webbing stretches during an accident to convert energy and to keep body loads within an acceptable range during survivable crashes. Each shoulder and lap belt anchor point must withstand a minimum load of 14,7 kN 3. Use of improper bolts will cause the racing harness to fail.

The anti-submarining strap routing over the upper thighs and attachment to the shoulder belt latches with the buckle in between, does not provide a direct load path from the shoulder belts down to the anti-submarining strap anchor points.

Check for unrestricted bracket swivelling and webbing alignment in expected direction of pull. Before fully zbe position the bracket to align with direction of pull.


The protruding end must be sandwiched between the load taking strap end and an inner webbing fold through slot 1. Installation Material and tooling needed: In case of a a low seating position e.


These instructions represent state-of-the-art knowledge at the time of issuance of this manual, the date of which is set forth on its cover. For installation you need: Choose gyrte bolts with grade 8. FIA-labelled belts are valid for five [5] years from last day of the year of manufacture unless regulated differently by the sanctioning body of the motorsport in which you are participating.

The racing harness could therefore come apart, eliminating restraint and resulting in severe injury or death.

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The only accessible hard points are the following: On Formula-Type models the buckle always stays with the lap belt. Bolts must be long enough to fill the thread hole completely with all bushings, spring washers, spacers etc.

This position will reduce the risk of unintended loosening of the eye bolt by torque forces applied by the harness during racing. The date of manufacture is indicated on all three SFI labels — [1] at the lap belt, [2] at the shoulder harness and [3] at the Anti-Sub Strap.

If the initial angle is not with the suggested range, submarining may result in severe internal injuries or death as the belt rides into the soft tissue above the pelvic bone gurtte which are the liver and kidneys.

The webbing must be wrapped tightly! Read this manual thoroughly and understand the content before attempting installation.